Read-a-thon Fundraiser Sponsored by Skin Beautiful, Grey Collective and Patterson Homes

 Where to Register

 Overview Page
 How to Raise Funds

  Ask Friends and Family to sponsor your reading by giving flat donations

 What it supports

  PTO operating budget to support Redfield Teachers, Students, and to build community

 Where to Volunteer
 READING Start and End Dates   January 29th at 3:15pm - February 7th at 9pm


Redfield PTO is launching our largest fundraiser of the year. For updates on the Read-a-thon progress see the overview page HERE. January 29th through February 7th, participants will earn money by asking for sponsorships for their efforts in reading. Participants will get flat donations from family and friends and receive prizes as they hit different metrics. All donations collected before the official start of the Read-a-thon WILL count towards prizes; however, minutes logged for reading before the official start WILL NOT count toward prizes.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $40,000. The majority of this money goes directly to teachers for supplies in their classrooms. The remaining is used to fund the recess program and enables the PTO to throw community events like Ringo and the Trunk or Treat. It also provides grants for things like the scholastic news, community gardens, kindergarten chicks and ducks, 5th grade farewell breakfast and this year adding beautification elements to campus.

If a parent volunteers 2 mornings during our event, their child will qualify for a game truck entry on February 16th. We need parents to help sort and bag prizes from 8:15 to 8:40 as well as pass out stickers and check in with students at each gate during drop off. Sign up HERE.

Log minutes for your child each night on your parent dashboard. For questions email

What Minutes Count?
Reading before and after school counts; This includes during Kids Club.
Reading before the official beginning of the Read-A-Thon does not count
Reading during class does not count
Being read to by other people counts so long as it isn't during school
Homework reading counts so long as it is done before or after school
Reading aloud to a pet counts
Reading aloud to other people counts. If you happen to read to someone who is also participating in the Read-A-Thon, it counts for both of you!
ACTIVE Listening to Audiobooks in the car counts.
An Audiobook playing in the background while you play Nintendo does NOT count.